Ridgid 1224 Pipe Threader 1/2-4 BARELY USED 2 Die Heads! 711 714 to 6 With 161.

RIDGID How to Cut Ream and Thread Pipe

THAT’S WITH ONLY TWO DIE HEADS AND NO ROLLING STAND! Ridgid 1224 pipe threader 1/2-4 barely used 2 die heads! 711 714 to 6 with 161 a 711 self-opening die head loaded with a set of 1-2 dies, a set of new 1/2-3/4 dies, and a 714 die head with a set of 2-1/2-4 dies. A special capacitor-start / capacitor-run motor allows the 1224 to thread a full range of material where voltage drop is experienced.

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